Zilli Store - Barvika


Client: Arch. Porcellini

After realizing the renders of the retail stores in Paris and St. Petersbourg, the Diego Varan Render team also took on the task of rendering the new Zilli store in Barvika, near Moscow, for architect Porcellini.

Once again, luxury characterizing Zilli stores is highlighted through the use of gold effect textures and precious wood. Thanks to detailed technical drawings, the exact representations of display cases and furnishings were recreated in 3D. Photos of local landscapes were inserted in the display stands, so as to make the location of the store even more evident. Furthermore, these images create a particular contrast of style and tone with the surrounding environment. As for the ceiling, we represented a false ceiling dotted with spotlights. They create a particular light designed to enhance the display of products.


Zilli Store - Barvika 502
Zilli Store - Barvika 503
Zilli Store - Barvika 504