World Trade Center - Geneve


Client: Arch. Christe

For the restyling of the Entrance Hall of the World Trade Center of Geneva it was conceived a project mostly consisting in garden design. Architect Christe dealt with the pre-existing pink marble structure of the fountain, with winding lines and multi-level basins, increasing the value of the architecture by choosing accurately the greenery. Blooming and lush plants which would adapt well to live in interiors had to be brought into the site, creating green spots all around the fountain.

The renders show palm trees, ferns, philodendrons and aloes, whereas modular large screens laid on the background show images of nature and underwater scenes inspiring peace and tranquillity.

Contemporary designed benches feature in the project, making the environment a space for meeting, exchange of views and conviviality.


World Trade Center - Geneve 364
World Trade Center - Geneve 365