Weekend Home


Client: Architect Clerici

Diego Varan Rendering dealing with rural architecture. For a private weekend home recently built in Alagna, in the heart of Valsesia, Architect Clerici draws on the typical Walser style of the area.

The traditional architecture of Walser houses holds under the same roof the home, the cattleshed and the sheepfold, and the barn. Usually a wide portico encircles the house and is part of it. 

As a rule, it is a three-storey building: the wooden structure is built over the masonry basement made from stones; the running balconies have typical wooden grilles, used to sun-dry farm products. The roof is made from slate tiles, as it is a characteristic stone of the Western Alps.

The perfect geometry of the house displays a classical order, which interrelates with nature. Thanks to photo-mock-ups the render shows a typical autumnal scene: chestnut woods in the background echo the dark wood of the architecture and are being slowly shrouded in mist.


Weekend Home 220