Walserhof Hotel - Kloster


Client: Architect Stoeckenius

Luxury at a high altitude. Architect Stoeckenius turned to the Diego Varan Render studio for the realization of high-quality images of architectural visualization of his project. He asked us to realize renders for one of the suites of Walserhof Hotel in Klosters. The environment comprises the bedroom, which opens into the restroom as occurs in the most modern interior design solutions. Wood is the leitmotif of the renders. It creates a harmonious ambience and calls to mind the woods outside the hotel. As you can see from the interior renders, wood is not only part of the structure, e.g. architraves and frames supporting spotlights, but also of   furniture – think of the bedside tables and the washbasin cabinet. The furniture fitted in the renders coincides with the architect’s requests.

The renders reproduce a cozy environment which is the result of true passion for design and of love for a warm ambience, as embodied in this hotel.


Walserhof Hotel - Kloster 446
Walserhof Hotel - Kloster 444
Walserhof Hotel - Kloster 445