Tivoli Apartments


Client: Urban Project SA

The project aims to convert the former Curling field of 1964 into two-storey underground garages. The project also includes the realization of the new Lancy Housing, residential estate with a commercial area on the ground floor level. We realized the renders for this real estate.

The construction is on the hill of Lancy, with a panoramic view of the plain where lies Geneva. The main feature of the building is the simple geometry of the main volume. It is a parallelepiped covered by slabstones. Their texture marks the extent of the building: rough stones at the base, more and more smooth and polished upwards, very smooth and almost reflective where the last storeys scratch the sky.

The architectural visualization is marked by the regular succession of the floors, highlighted by neon green parapets of the balconies, opposed to the neutral tones of the rest of the building.

The two-layered downstairs includes public and private green areas and commercial spaces, linked by large staircases. At the building base a portico is marked by asymmetric pillars and serves as meeting area facing the shops. This emptiness lends lightness to the geometry.

Renders depict the calm flow of daily life of the district.



Urban Project SA http://www.urbanproject-sa.ch/


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