Settimo Cielo Retail Park



Another collaboration with Building spa enables us to work at the Settimo Cielo shopping centre in Turin. This is a new construction of commercial buildings in the industrial area of Settimo Torinese. Our commission begins in 2004 and is aimed to create views of the commercial spaces of the centre fitted in the urban context, in order to obtain the most photorealistic renders.

The Diego Varan Render office has been following the project for 14 years updating the views with the developments taking place over the years. The customer is provided with both urban views of the entire shopping complex and more detailed views of the individual activities, which make clear the Building S.p.A.’s design choices aimed to optimize spaces and routes. In particular, renders show on one hand the availability of natural lighting of the interior spaces through the large windows, on the other hand the use of cutting-edge technologies aimed to minimize energy waste.

We deal with the representation of the whole centre: from large commercial buildings to those that host minor activities, including public and private parking areas, with daily and night lighting. We are requested to represent the entire space around the shopping centre, modelling the volumes of the industrial warehouses in order to have a real representation of the area.


Settimo Cielo Retail Park 397
Settimo Cielo Retail Park 390
Settimo Cielo Retail Park 391
Settimo Cielo Retail Park 392
Settimo Cielo Retail Park 393
Settimo Cielo Retail Park 394
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