Rotating Towers - Miami


Client: Mediapolis Engineering s.r.l.

Diego Varan Render was commissioned by Mediapolis Engineering s.r.l. to give up the exterior renders of an imposing architectural estate constituted by a fixed podium and by two towers which revolve on their axis and rise into the sky. The skyscrapers have a round plan and wide panoramic balconies, whose luxuriant greenery makes them look like exclusive hanging gardens.

Renders were made in several stages and turned out to be a backing during the workflow of planning of the building. In particular, they were useful to analyse volume effects and the interplay of light and shades, created by the sun on the facade of the towers at various times of the day.

Inside the towers is a prestige hotel. As for the suites, renders reproduce a minimalist architecture, dominated by the subtle hues of white and by essential lines. Peculiar elements are the large panoramic window and the floor, covered by a special glossy resin which reproduces the effect of water rippled by the wind.


Rotating Towers - Miami 806
Rotating Towers - Miami 808
Rotating Towers - Miami 807
Rotating Towers - Miami 803
Rotating Towers - Miami 804
Rotating Towers - Miami 805