Retirement Home


Client: Arch. Pellegrini

On request of architect Pellegrini, Diego Varan Render office dealt with the creation of external and internal renders of a retirement home in Bioggio, in Switzerland.

The views were made hand in hand with the development of the project, following the architect's choices. Once the final volume was obtained through mockup, it was placed in its landscape context. The designer was ableto integrate the building, with square and regular shapes, into a green space rich in vegetation. The architecture is characterized by its regularity and columns of reinforced concrete left exposed. The supporting structure creates a sort of porticoed area between the outside and the large windows that delimit the interior. 

Particular attention and care were devoted to the realization of the flower park, so as to follow the indications of the client in the creation of paths across the vegetation.


Retirement Home 573
Retirement Home 574