Residenza Lux


On this occasion Promoedil of Mendrisio asked Diego Varan Render to create an interactive tour of a sample apartment. The complete project includes two blocks of flats to be built in Mendrisio. In this case, we offered both the service ArchWalk and the classic service ArchViz with picturesque exterior views of the real estate.

To this aim, we went to the builders yard to make a photo report with a drone. Thanks to the high number of pictures we were able to re-create the realistic panorama which will be admired from the windows of the apartment to be built.

As a guarantee that whoever does our virtual tour will enjoy a unique immersive experience, we developed a further VR version of the same apartment, usable by all of the clients by employing the Oculus Rift.

Finally, in our Interactive Walkthrough one can appreciate various finishings, which the buyer of the property can choose at the time of the purchase.