QuadraTo - Turin


Client: Building Engineering Group

An example of cooperation between the Diego Varan Render Office and the Building Engineering Group in making the interior renders of an existing building with remarkable historical value. It is the former Augustinian Monastery, later a Convent, located in Via delle Orfane, in the so-called Quadrilatero in Turin.

The interior design project was concerned with three kinds of apartments. They are called Monotipo, Bitipo and Tritipo. The architectural visualization was intended to show the projects of the housing units effectively, setting off the rational and functional study of the housing cells. The table is one of the emblematic elements of the accurate planning of the apartments which recur in every render by the Diego Varan team. It is a multipurpose piece of furniture which makes it possible to maximize the functionality of the space. In one-roomed apartments it converts the kitchen into a dining room and vice versa. In three-room apartments the table also converts the lounge into a studio.

Every render is based on the analysis of the shapes and colours displayed by the flats. Their lively and charming shapes are consistent with the present-day restoration project of the Augustinian Monastery.


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