Private Garden


Client: architect Ulshofer

As for the project of the private garden of a Zurich prestige residence, architect Ulshofer entrusted the Diego Varan Render team with the realization of images by the direct modification of the photographs of the existing area, without 3D modelling the whole work.

The main idea of the project was to create an English landscape garden, with luxuriant pastel-coloured rose-bushes and hedges of boxes which mark the geometry of the spaces.

The architectural visualization was completely based on the photo-mock-ups: the plants and trees, the furnishings of the garden and the hedges were realized through 3D modelling and placed in an empty space. Later these elements were fitted in the photographs and we made lights and shadows uniform, so as to achieve a harmonious result.


Private Garden 522
Private Garden 523
Private Garden 524
Private Garden 525