Prague Apartment


Client: Arch. Porcellini

Architect Porcellini called the Diego Varan Render team during the planning of the interiors of a building in Prague. The shared stairwell and the apartment, which fits into the last floor, were two very elaborate projects. Renders were needed to visualize the whole project, so as to check the light design, the organization of spaces and the combination of furnishings even very different one from the other.

The stairway rises between a green wall, which starts from the ground floor and reaches the ceiling, and a waterfall, as much high as the vertical greenery and opposed to it. A modern elevator displaying steel and glass features in the building’s core. It’s an extremely well-lit environment, thanks to the huge glass wall which spreads over the whole facade and the ceiling. 

The glass wall continues over the last floor apartment, bringing light to the winter garden. This garden serves as an entrance to the penthouse and divides it exactly into two areas.

With the exception of the kitchen, custom-made and with a clear reference to Mondrian, the remaining spaces have simple but elegant furnishings.


Prague Apartment 575
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