Client: Studio ME architetti

On this occasion we helped designers of the Me Architettura study, Mauro Penna and Enrica Pagliano, in realizing renders of their latest project. It is about the restructuring of both the internal and external parts of a historical building in Turin.

Like always, a lot of care was put into the representation of various historical decorations that are visible on the front of the building. At the same time, we took care of “animating” the insides, not by just furnishing them, but adding details to make the spaces feel real and lived, through the use of light and specific framing.


Petrarca 1394
Petrarca 1399
Petrarca 1395
Petrarca 1396
Petrarca 1401
Petrarca 1397
Petrarca 1398
Petrarca 1400
Petrarca 1402