Parco Casarico


Architect Panzeri’s office and the company Garzoni, the developers of this project, entrusted Diego Varan Render with the work dealing with two sample apartments of the Parco Casarico project, in Sorengo, Ticino.

The project consists of 104 apartments and a park, the latter drawn by the office De Molfetta – Strode.

Besides helping the professionals through our exterior renders of the whole neighborhood, we created two virtual tours, which enable you to visit two kinds of apartments displaying different dimensions.

The versatility of these apartments made our virtual showroom to be a fundamental product to illustrate the numerous possible uses of the environments to the potential buyers.

By adding or removing a wall, it was possible to change the intended use of some rooms; for instance, a bedroom could become an office communicating with the living room.

We also offered the potential buyers the chance of trying out different kinds of floors, kitchen units, furniture and colors.

Thanks to the 3D model already made for the exterior images and to the numerous 360-degree pictures taken using a drone, we were able to re-create exactly the scenery which people will admire after finishing the construction of the whole project.