Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept


Client: Arch. Porcellini

Oran will host XIX Mediterranean Games in 2021. For the occasion, architect Porcellini suggested a futuristic architecture: a glass tower encircled by winding lines which extend upwards intertwining with the lush greenery of the terraces with a panoramic view.

The base of the Olympic Pavilion of Oran draws on the same concepts. The Olympic-sized swimming pool is held by a roofing supported by sinuous pillars. At times warm Algerian sunlight filters in through the glass inserts of the roofing, whereas the concrete parts are greenery-covered. An architecture which belongs to a future time, but without losing the contact with nature. Think of the dense palm grove at the bottom of the construction, where lights and shadows interweave and run after each other in a suggestive way.

We were asked for conceptual renders isolated from their context, in order to visualize the geometries of the project. We also realized a night-time architectural visualization of the building in the urban environment and in a panoramic position: the sea as background, the construction is silhouetted against the night blue sky, whereas the warm interior lights twinkle in the dark as stars.


Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept 815
Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept 818
Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept 819
Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept 816
Olympic Pavilion Oran - Concept 817