Multy Family and Park


Client: Domulor studio

The Domulor studio of Geneva entrusted the team of the Diego Varan Render office with internal and external renders and with the floorplans of a series of multifamily buildings and a park to be built on a vast lot in Cologny, a Swiss municipality in the Canton of Geneva.

The three planned buildings would be located in an extended public green area. The rigorous, rectilinear and modernist facades develop vertically and are marked by a regular succession of large windows which open on to the opposite space, where green cherry trees lie.

From the exteriors renders one can gather the modularity of the three buildings, enriched by light and moderate colors of stone alternating with the large transparent glass surfaces, through which one can make the furnishings out. The U-shaped volumes hold in their middle wide terraces from which one can enjoy the Swiss landscape.

By the way, the architectural visualization of the floorplans enabled the final client to see the distribution of the internal space. There are two symmetric three-storey bodies. Each of the first two storeys is made up of 6 apartments. The last storey consists of 4 apartments. They display different dimensions and all of them are equipped with accurately designed furniture, located in the best way in order to be as functional as possible.

Observing interior renders you will notice modern textures and cold colors matched to contemporary minimalist furniture. This is an interior design solution suggested for the living area and for the kitchen. Looking at these views you can gather the permeability of exterior and interior spaces. Think of the very large windows separating the interiors from the terrace, from which one can climb the stairs to get the attic on the roof.


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