Multifamily House


Client: Urban Project SA

Also on this occasion, it was a pleasure to realize the renderings referred to a project carried out by Urban Projects SA.

The six-condominium building houses commercial spaces on the ground floor, dwellings on the upper floors and an underground parking area. The designers thought to equip this structure with innovative and efficient systems and solutions, such as solar panels installed on the roof and the removal of visible parking spaces from the street thanks to an underground parking area.

We undertook the representation of both internal and external spaces of this complex. We enhanced its qualities and innovations. We also worked on floor plans and section views.


Multifamily House 1147
Multifamily House 1145
Multifamily House 1143
Multifamily House 1144
Multifamily House 1146
Multifamily House 1148
Multifamily House 1149