Milan Apartment


Client: Architects Giacomo Tutucci and Federica Sardo

Architects Giacomo Tutucci and Federica Sardo asked Diego Varan Render office to cure the architectural visualization of the interior design of a Milan apartment.

Renders were aimed to let the client follow the flat restoration and restyling process from the beginning to the end. The owner had decided to widen and modify some volumes. Not only they needed spaces for the guests but also a whole room to use as Walk-in Wardrobe. The latter would be the heart of the project.

For the new interior design project we focused on rendering some spaces, such as the Hall (the Study and the Living Room faced on it), the Walk-in Wardrobe next to the Gym, and the Kitchen.

In particular, as for the Walk-in Wardrobe, every render was aimed to offer an overview as close as possible to the final execution. The atmosphere would be cosy. Everything would be well organized. Every wardrobe would be lighted inside by invisible rays. So as to meet the owner’s requirements and tastes, we rendered three different execution options.

The same mood, a warm and friendly atmosphere, was invoked in the Fitness Room and in the Living Room. Neutral shades of colour and soft tones alternate with the modern geometric patterns of the soft furnishings and the sofas, whose textures were reproduced following the Etro Home catalogue faithfully. Valuable aspects of every render were the plan and the precise drawing of the flooring, whose arrangement is indicated by the chromatic alternations of the types of woods (the floor of the Hall is available in three variants).


Milan Apartment 14
Milan Apartment 23
Milan Apartment 22
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