Miami Family Home


Client: Arch. L. Clerici & G. Tutucci and ZDA studio

Architect Lorenzo Clerici cooperating with architect Tutucci and ZDA studio received the services offered by the Diego Varan Render office, which dealt with the architectural visualization of a Miami luxury private house in Florida, closely overlooking the ocean.

The renders of this project had as object the exteriors. They aimed to increase as much as possible the value of the interrelation between the totally contemporary building and the beach, emblem of exotic nature, whose lushness imbues the shores of the private wharf.

The views exalt the overlapping shapes and divide the living area from the sleeping area, which rises above the former. The interior design and the light design enhance the architecture, revealing the comfort areas where people gather around the swimming pool, lighted in night-time renders. The Architect also enriched the living area, separated from the exterior by the thin and transparent glass of the large sliding windows.

Modern and raw textures, visible reinforced concrete and warm wooden strips alternate to create fashionable and pleasant chromatic harmonies.


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