Lefkada Houses


Client: Arch. Gastini

Diego Varan Render was commissioned to hand over architectural renders for a real estate which is part of an exclusive residential estate to be built in Lefkada (Greece). The renders were aimed to represent how the building interrelates with and combines with the wild and unsoiled surrounding nature. The renders are a vivid expression of the continuous interrelation between architecture and nature, exterior and interior, land and sea.

We modelled the greenery around the villas in the exterior images, like climbing bougainvilleas wind around the building. We chose local species with a particular attention: hedges of prostrate rosemary, olive trees, citrus orchards. In the renders the deep blue turquoise of the sea and the green of the wild vegetation balance with the warm hues of the argillaceous soil of the island.

Interior renders also show the relation with nature. The large panoramic windows of the building give you sight of the islands around you, whereas exterior vegetation casts its shades over the floor and creates a natural soft light effect.

A final description of this work appeared in an elegant brochure for the real estate.


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