Lagrange 12 - Turin


Client: Building Engineering Group

Diego Varan Render office had another chance to enjoy the cooperation with the Building Engineering Group. In this case our office fulfilled the task of 3D modelling completely the seventeenth-century building located in Turin, in Via Lagrange 12, in the angle between Via Lagrange and Via Giolitti, which was restored. In every render the ancient aspect of the building is brought out, but it still interrelates with the high fashion boutiques recently opened in this context.

Faithful to the designers’ original vision and giving full details of every historic element and molding, the 3D modelling of the building gave as a result the render of daytime and night-time exterior views. They fitted into the Turin historic centre as a real context.

In each stage of the workflow the architectural visualization enabled the Building Engineering Group to choose the definitive finishes of the neoclassical building in the best possible way and to suggest different exterior styling options for boutiques which offer the most important griffes in the Turin exclusive centre.


Lagrange 12 - Turin 58
Lagrange 12 - Turin 59
Lagrange 12 - Turin 60
Lagrange 12 - Turin 61
Lagrange 12 - Turin 62
Lagrange 12 - Turin 63