La Moya Apartment


Client: Arch. Arnaldo Corvasce

Architect Arnaldo Corvasce relied on the Diego Varan Render team in order to realize architectural visualization images of the interiors of the construction called "La Moya", recently built in Martigny. 

The client asked us to provide them with 3D views of the interior design plan for standard spaces of the residence. We cured the renders of a three-room apartment “La Moya” on a high floor. We focused the work on the kitchen environment opening into the living. Modern style left its mark on the interior design for the apartment. The architecture is meant to generate a sense of hospitality and familiarity thanks to vivid colors and textures in harmony with each other.

Moreover, the surface of 40 sq. m. gives onto a large balcony, which seems to expand the interior space. The large wide windows establish a relationship between the interior environment and the exterior panorama.


La Moya Apartment 288
La Moya Apartment 289
La Moya Apartment 290
La Moya Apartment 291
La Moya Apartment 292