Jewelry Store - Antwerp


Client: D&Sign

Recent partnership between the Diego Varan Render studio and D&Sign, specialized in retail design. The project was aimed to present the interior design plan of a renowned Jewelry Store located in Antwerp. The realization of the project was the result of a close cooperation and a mutual understanding between the designer Lorenzo Clerici and our 3D visualizer team.

From the interiors renders one can gather the luxury and refined style of the environment: showcases, custom-made designed and modelled, hold and display jewels. There are display stands and showcases embedded in the walls.  The space is enriched by wooden panelling made of lacquered Makassar ebony and by the light design planned to  set every detail off.

The architectural visualization of this project focused on exterior and interior spaces. The latter are distinguished in public and private; to be precise, we realized images of interiors devoted to welcome the clients and of rooms for staff, such as the director’s office. It oozes a luxury and tidy style and there is situated the camera used to take precise pictures of the displayed jewels.

Exteriors renders show how perfectly the new jewelry store fits in the pre-existing building. The value of the store is increased by royal blue curtains, leitmotif color of the jewelry, bearing the distinctive logo of the customer.


Jewelry Store - Antwerp 236
Jewelry Store - Antwerp 239
Jewelry Store - Antwerp 237
Jewelry Store - Antwerp 235
Jewelry Store - Antwerp 238