Housing Pietralata


Client: Studio Amati Architetti and Architect Paolo Portog

Studio Amati Architetti and Architect Paolo Portoghesi worked together on a social housing plan including 555 apartments and a process of urbanization in the quarter of Rome called Pietralata. The residential buildings display 4 to 5 storeys above ground besides an underground level including parking places and basements.

When you look at the streets, the blocks, the square, the courtyards planted with trees, the fountain and the shops under the arcades, you can easily spot clear and typical traits of Rome's urban fabric of the 1920s and 1930s.

The southern part of the district is intended for an urban park. The latter and the adjacent square represent a meeting point available to the residents for leisure and sport. A district nursery school is planned to be built near the park.

The Diego Varan Render office made renders both from a pedestrian’s viewpoint and from a bird's-eye view, so as to relate the future change both as a whole and in detail, referring to everyday life.


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