Hotel Massif


Client: Arch. Fabrizio Gandolfo

Despite the construction of the Hotel Massif in Courmayeur had already begun and was in an advanced stage, numerous details of the interiors design and of the external common areas were still being defined. Our work was able to support the architect Fabrizio Gandolfo’s design in these last months of intense work.

Firstly, we worked on the ground floor, modelling and rendering the hall, the reception, the coffee bar, the wine cellar and all the lounges. The choice of a warm mountain style, with a wide use of dark wood, stones, marbles and plays of light, started right from these first images and then extended to all the other environments worked on. 

Satisfied with the results obtained on the ground  floor, we moved on to the two restaurants on the first floor. Here there were numerous changes of materials, colors, furniture and tables arrangement. These tests went on until the last weeks of planning with a constant exchange of feedback.

In the meantime the whole exterior was remodelled as well. The clients expressed the need to receive mocked up renders of the hotel in its final form. Moreover, some variants were studied for the central square of the hotel, for the spa and for the common garden on the terrace.

Finally, particular care was taken in studying the facades in terms of signs, flags and the numerous works of art by the Turin artist Paolo Albertelli.

A long and tortuous work that, nevertheless, brought us a lot of satisfaction.


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