Family Home Vigneto

Vico Morcote

Client: Arch Roberto Marcon

Vico Morcote, Lugano: here is located the family home Vigneto, which architect Roberto Marcon needed the renders for. For this reason he turned to Diego Varan Render studio.

A villa which lies not far from the Castello di Morcote and nearly close to the lake. As a consequence, there is a very close connection between the building by humans and surrounding nature, as you can see in the 3D visualization images.

Long and high windows cover the exterior surfaces of the villa and constantly give to the owner sight of the opposite lake water and of the mountains which rise above it.

For these reasons, we focused not only on the interiors renders, which show the design of the spaces for family conviviality such as the kitchen and the living room, but also on the exterior. Think of the images of architectural visualization of the wide terrace: all furnishings are modern and contribute to make the project inspire comfort and calm.


Family Home Vigneto 404
Family Home Vigneto 407
Family Home Vigneto 405
Family Home Vigneto 406
Family Home Vigneto 408