Country House


Client: Architects Clerici and Tutucci

The terracings gradually sloping down to the sea see a country house surrounded by a wide panorama from the Palmaria island, in the Gulf of La Spezia, to the Leghorn costs.

The renders by the Diego Varan team present the restoration project by Architects Clerici and Tutucci, showing the use of traditional materials and how the building integrates with the surrounding nature.

So as to promote the building renewal, it was built a headwall at the rear, whose picturesque alleys and small courts are shaded by climbing plants. Everything was faithfully reproduced through 3D modelling; the render shows dry rock walls covered by ferns and moss; the terracotta external floor; the raw plaster of the building walls. By contrast, the minimalist coloured furniture, illuminated by the grazing rays of the setting sun.


Country House 225
Country House 222
Country House 223
Country House 224
Country House 226
Country House 221