Console Bar


Client: Renato Callegari

It can be lengthy and expensive for a furniture maker to produce a catalog. First, it is necessary to produce physically the furniture in all versions of color and material to be shown. Secondly, the furniture needs to be taken to a soundstage and it is necessary to recruit a photographer. Thirdly, in case you ask for photos set in a particular environment, you have to find the locations or to have them built ad hoc in the soundstage. The company Renato Callegari used to face such a costly expense and such a big commitment of time and logistic effort every year. Our meeting with the founder of the Brescia-based company - with the same name - marked a turning point in this process. The images of this console bar constitute a test that we were proposed, so as to prove that virtual models and renders can reach a photorealistic quality to the smallest details. Thanks to them, we started our collaboration that led to the production of the complete catalog 2018.


Console Bar 399
Console Bar 402
Console Bar 403
Console Bar 401
Console Bar 400