Chiasso Apartment


Client: Arch. Guglielmo Bianchi

Architect Guglielmo Bianchi needed some renders of the living area and of the kitchen of an existing building, so as to assess the distribution of interior furnishings, when he was planning the interior design.

The kitchen was 3D modelled and rendered following the designer’s drawings faithfully. Varenna furnishings were placed in the existing accomodation. Cool light tones enhanced the surrounding space, which looked larger and was decorated by Rothko’s and Mondrian's paintings, modern too.

On Architect’s request, renders make you breathe the air of Switzerland surrounding mountains. The outdoor landscape was added as photo-mock-ups to each view. It is enjoyable from the terrace, which separates the living from the kitchen, and from the large windows, which open on to the exterior.

It was suggested a design of the living area based on light colours with shades of brown, which create an ambience with the typical sense of warmth of a comfortable space, where all family gather.


Chiasso Apartment 56
Chiasso Apartment 55
Chiasso Apartment 54