Boys Room - Zurich


Client: Arch. Di Paolo

Dealing with the interior design project for a Zurich prestige private residence we made the interior renders of a boys room. The dominating deep tones of the walls -- made from dull anthracite shellacked wood, suitably designed by the architect and faithfully reproduced through 3D modelling -- oppose volumes and lights. The whole room is suffused with grazing gilt light, which creates a warm and elegant ambience.

The pieces of furniture and the room fittings chosen by Architect Di Paolo were firstly modelled, secondly trimmed with materials and details, and finally placed in the context. Our renders are the result of a perfect synergy between the designer and the office dealing with architectural visualization.


Boys Room - Zurich 95
Boys Room - Zurich 96
Boys Room - Zurich 97
Boys Room - Zurich 98
Boys Room - Zurich 99