Astor Residence - NY

New York

Client: interior Designer Simona Ciancetta

Once again interior designer Simona Ciancetta involved the Diego Varan Render team, this time with the Astor Residence project in New York. It concerns elegant lofts characterized by curved glass facades and full-height windows that fill the interior with natural light.

In order to best represent this project, the interiors and furnishings of every room of the homes were modelled and rendered following the ongoing drawings and updates by Crea studio’s designers. In the most delicate phases we realized the different alternatives proposed by the designers, so as to help them visualize all the options and make a more aware decision. The final project represents dynamic environments with an accurate modern style and attention to every detail. The views from the large windows will actually be visible from the lofts.


Astor Residence - NY 447
Astor Residence - NY 448
Astor Residence - NY 451
Astor Residence - NY 449
Astor Residence - NY 450
Astor Residence - NY 452
Astor Residence - NY 453